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Ingenious curiosity.

  1. natgeofound:

    Embracing the fjord, a dusk-dimmed Bergen laps against mountain walls, Norway, 1971Photograph by George F. Mobley, National Geographic


    2014, not much different.

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  4. Today was excellent. #iceland #mountains #volcano #hotsprings #landscape


  5. Saw a glacial lake today. Truly incredible. #awesome #glacier #lake #iceland #nofilter


  6. We made it (@megrozfozz) 🌞🗻 #hallgrímskirkja #reykjavik #iceland


  7. Guess who’s flying to Iceland tomorrow.



  8. myreligioniskindness:



    my brother tried to pick up a banana to make it look like he was talking on the phone but all the bananas in the bunch came with it and he just looked at me and went “i guess it’s a conference call”

    A++ recovery

    don’t encourage him

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  9. nickfuckface:

    parents: “u should be more active”
    me: image

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  10. Climed up a mountain in Norway today.

    It was good.