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Ingenious curiosity.

  1. I don’t think I’d like drake


  2. My only feeling about sit-in greggs is that all the ones I know charge you about 50p extra on must stuff to eat it inside and that is ridiculous.

    Get over yourselves greggs.


  3. hangoverwank:

    FAO ben this is how you do summer grunge leave it to the pro

    My reign has ended as quickly as it begun


  4. Meg left her broken shades at my house so now I am taking over responsibilities as the summer grunge fudgenugget of the relationship


  5. .


  6. Cocktails with @megrozfozz (mine is way better) #ukcocktailscene (at Evil Eye Lounge)


  7. (Source: assdisaster4, via cousteu)


  8. Oh York


  9. Just duckin’ around with @megrozfozz and @NDandakis (and Libby) #ukduckscene


  10. But can they taste things??